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On Point Coaching delivers focused, clear thinking leaders with enhanced confidence, communication and team building skills.

Coaching invests in your most valuable business assets

On Point Coaching ‘holds up the mirror’ to understanding self-limiting beliefs and supports an individual’s confidence to change.

Team coaching widens the focus and magnifies success

On Point Coaching supports teams to re-energise, re-focus and creates a ‘winning mindset’.

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On Point Coaching

Coaching one-to-one is a very powerful way to help individuals raise awareness and reflect upon issues that affect their performance and well-being. It enables an understanding of the automatic reactions that have built up and examines the blocks to development. Leadership cannot simply be taught; skills that are ‘imposed’ will not be assimilated and so disappear the first time a manager comes under pressure. On Point Coaching brings not just awareness and insight but also practical help to support change.

Individual performance is often dependent on the team environment and to maximise effectiveness our coaching can also address the wider systems. On Point Team Coaching allows individuals to learn and reflect together, generating a collective energy and desire for change.

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We love to coach with:


Established managers and executives


New Managers and Talent Programmes





“may your choices reflect your hopes not your fears”

Nelson Mandela

How we coach

We start by listening, really listening and then ask the incisive questions that take you out of autopilot and into fresh thinking. It sounds simple and it is, our experience and training is used very subtlety, working to your agenda we offer the support that enables lasting change. Our coaching is always bespoke but experience has taught us that by working in the following five key areas coaching will bring lasting results.


Respecting your own ability and all that you can do if you commit to action. Stopping making comparison to others and blaming external factors for restricting your progress.

Emotional intelligenceand leadership style

‘Holding up the mirror’ to allow reflection of how we impact on others


Examining effectiveness and then learning how to have different kinds of conversations.


Stopping ‘headspace’ being wasted ruminating on a past negative outcomes or feeling anxious about an event yet to happen.


Reflecting back on the ‘why’ to ensure personal and organisational values align.

Measuring success

Coaching is far more than a ‘cosy conversation’ it is an investment in your most valuable business asset and our initial discussion will always include understanding your goals and how changes can be measured. In the short term we will deliver new learning and motivation, ongoing coaching then supports individuals as they practise new skills and in the longer term you will witness a change in the way decisions are made and improvements in bottom line profitability.

Common questions in measuring success include:


Are teams more productive?


Has staff motivation and retention increased?


Has the uplift in staff moral pushed through to the customer experience?

“of all the judgements we pass in life, none is more important than the judgement we pass on ourselves”

Nathaniel Branden

Individual Coaching

We offer one to one coaching not only to established managers but also those identified as the future leaders of your business – the ones you are keen to retain and invest in.

We have worked on big Government talent programmes but also love to work with small entrepreneurial businesses.

Great leaders deliver results through understanding and harnessing the power of others. Brilliant intellect isn’t enough, successful leaders know how to use their skills to build relationships and support people towards common goals. They have a keen emotional understanding of themselves and the ‘transformational’ qualities to inspire others.

Emotional intelligence (EI)

Pivotal to leadership success and three useful questions to consider are:


Can you understand your own emotions and those of others around you?


Can you regulate your own emotions?


Can you harness emotional strengths to deliver a great performance?

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“people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel”

Maya Angelou

Team Coaching

Great teams don’t just happen, it takes time, effort and thoughtful leadership to create the understanding and communication that ensures a team is really effective.

When we team coach we listen, we observe, we train and we support the changes you want to make. We work with the whole team together and then support individuals in making behavioural changes. Every team is different but in our experience all great teams share these three common ingredients:

Emotional Intelligence

Whilst the technical ability for each person to own their brief is important studies repeatedly show that a person’s emotional intelligence is equally important and probably gets much less consideration in recruitment. Great teams have humour – they laugh together and support each other’s confidence to believe in their abilities even when things don’t quite go to plan.

Communication is pro-active not re-active

Team members share and really understand the common goals that they are working to. Too often employees feel that they work in ‘silos’ and internal competition, whilst well intentioned is in reality preventing knowledge sharing and support between departments.

Great Leaders

Who encourage, give praise and feedback – who will have difficult conversations but are seen to be open, fair and honest.  Great leaders who recognise their impact and establish the culture, tone and expectations that allow everyone to feel confident and relaxed knowing what is required.

To find out more about Team Coaching, contact us today for a free consultation:

“each bird creates an uplift for the one following and by flying in a ‘V’ formation the flock can fly 71% further than if each bird flew alone”

Dr Robert McNeish – Lessons from Geese

The Bird Table is a confidential women’s business development group run by Helen Burgess in Cheadle Hulme. It is a national (and now international) initiative that offers entrepreneurs and female leaders a low cost opportunity to benefit from the support of a group of like-minded women.

Meeting locally once a month it’s much more than a coffee and a chat – members are serious about developing their business and themselves. There’s no selling and no networking involved, instead ideas are shared and problems aired in a confidential, supportive group.

Over three sessions you will build and raise your performance in an environment of trust and confidentiality – Helen ensures everyone stays on track and continues to work towards their goals.

Please contact Helen for more information or visit www.bird-table.co.uk

“alone we are smart, together we are brilliant”

Steven Anderson

Helen Burgess

ACC LogoHelen is an accredited member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and has trained to coach both individuals and teams. She brings a wealth of business experience including running her own travel business, Board level consultancy roles and an early career in retail with Marks and Spencer.

Helen coaches both entrepreneurs and executives but particularly enjoys working on talent programme with new managers, relishing the opportunity to help shape the leaders of the future.

Helen was first introduced to coaching by the LEAD programme at Liverpool University and was amazed by the clarity of thinking it delivered and hooked by its power to enable change. Being coached gave her insight and permission to be brave – to change career and follow her passion for developing people. Building her travel business has given her empathy with small business leaders and the consultancy roles within larger organisations the experience of Board Room pressures. Her greatest commercial achievements have been in changing business culture away from fear, building honest communication and enabling teams to thrive in changing environments.

“Leadership can be tough and inspiration sometimes hard to find. Coaching brings clarity to thinking, it allows ideas to be ‘surfaced’, fears logically examined and alternative views explored. I am trained to listen, to understand the psychology of limiting beliefs and to harness pressure rather than succumbing to stress. I will never try to impose my solution but I am very skilled in helping you find yours.”

Helen Burgess – On Point coaching

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