Strengthening leadership and relationship skills

Providing support and accountability, ensuring you have the confidence and inter-personal skills to deliver the changes you need.

Building pro-active communications

Facilitating different kinds of conversations to ensure everyone works on facts and not assumptions.

Improving your work / life balance

Confronting the ‘unspoken reality’ and making changes to increase employee engagement and how it ‘feels’ to work in your business.

Call to find out how I can help your business

I am happy to share my expertise and offer a free initial consultation. Ongoing fees are transparent and affordable for all sizes of business.

If your business has grown on the strength of your knowledge then you are in the right place.  If you want to improve your work life balance, become more profitable or expand then I’m here to help.  I will work with you to develop your leadership, communication and business culture and create the launch pad from which to move forward.

Coaching isn’t about dry academic learning, it’s pragmatic and solution based, bespoke to how your business operates in the real world.  The signature programme looks at your business as a whole and includes a bespoke half-day team coaching event examining what it feels like to work in your business, what you are proud of and what you would change.

My mission is to make great leadership the norm, rather than the exception.

My style is to focus on the future, finding solutions in preference to analysing problems.  It is structured around listening, not just to what is said but also to the silent assumptions that underpin beliefs and behaviours.  I delight in seeing a business become more ‘nimble’, with brave leaders, engaging their teams to move forward with passion and energy.


I love to coach with:


Expanding companies




Leaders facing a challenge


Emerging talent

“may your choices reflect your hopes not your fears”

Nelson Mandela

Get in Touch

If you would like to find out more about how coaching can help you and your business then we would love to hear from you. Our initial consultations are always free of charge and our costs upfront and transparent.

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Telephone - 07766 655148

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