Growing your people – can your business afford not to?

by | Jul 3, 2017

In the last 50 years there has been a shift toward viewing people as a business asset and recognising that an employee’s value can appreciate with training and support. The cost to any business of failing to invest comes in both financial and human terms but in SME’s the costs are magnified and the results far reaching.

Managing people is not intuitive – it is a skill that needs to be learnt and honed. Relationships are the key to the success of managers but many have risen and distinguished themselves through individualism and without training and support are unlikely to make the adjustments needed to be great leaders.

Statistics vary but when you look even at the ‘broad numbers’ it’s not hard to raise your business above the competition and reap rewards by making simple investments that offer big wins.

  • Over 50% of executives fail in the first 18 months (Navalent)
  • Over 50% of leaders report they have had no training (Corporate Executive Board)
  • Over 50% of leaders report inadequate support in a new leadership role (Navalent)

There are many off the shelf training programmes for management development but delegates lack post training support meaning key skills are not adopted into the workplace and therefore the resulting ROI is small. The On Point Coaching approach is different, by combining training and coaching we increase retention and application by up to 80% when compared with chalk and talk training alone. (FT Guide to Business Coaching)

Talk to us to find out more and ensure your key people hit the ground running not learning.

Helen Burgess

Helen Burgess

On Point Coaching - Specialist in Leadership and Team Development


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