Coaching moves communication from re-active to pro-active.  We examine the realities of communication within your business, challenging the way you do things by examining the results it delivers.  Poor communication is costly becuase it results in ineffective meetings, lost ideas and a ‘silo’ mentality which slows delivery and restricts growth within a business.

Strong communication is the magic ingredient that makes a team more than just the sum of its parts. Where communication is weak, employees work on assumptions rather than facts. Resources are wasted ruminating on past negative outcomes or feeling anxious about an event yet to happen.

Team coaching ensures everyone has input and takes responsibility for communication within the business. It enables you to confront the ‘unspoken reality’ in order to establish what is wanted and needed, enabling you to focus on creating ‘new norms’ and having different kinds of conversations.

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“listen with the intent to understand, not the intent to reply”

Stephen Covey

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