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Leading through major change - PDF

Here are my 7 tips for communicating well when faced with a major change.  These are designed to help you avoid creating a ‘vacum’, that will get filled by speculation, resulting in increased anxiety and a lack of focus.

Making your feedback more effective - PDF

Pro-actively communicating about the good and the bad within your business will generate engagement and honesty.  However, giving negative feedback for many leaders feels more difficult and so gets avoided.  Here are my ten tips for tackling the challenging conversations you have been avoiding.

3-steps to improved business culture - PDF

Culture is not what the business looks like – that’s image. It’s not something that a marketing team can design; it’s not a strategy or a campaign. Business culture is how it feels like to work in your company. You live and breathe your culture – there’s no ‘faking it until you make it’.

Case Study: Raising staff engagement through improving communication - PDF

For this specialist owner managed business communication hadn’t kept up with growth and the result was poor staff engagement and a dip in customer service.

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“each bird creates an uplift for the one following and by flying in a ‘V’ formation the flock can fly 71% further than if each bird flew alone”

Dr Robert McNeish – Lessons from Geese

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