Frequently Asked Questions

What does coaching cost?



Charges depend on a number of factors including how many sessions, length of sessions, location and how many people are being coached.   Get in touch for a free consultation and cost estimate.  For a guide to session charges click here.


How many sessions will I need?



The majority coaching starts with 6 coaching sessions spread over four to six months.  


What is the difference between coaching and consulting?


Consultants diagnose problems, tell you their recommended solutions and sometimes implement them for you.

Coaching asks powerful questions to open up your thinking and uses ‘tools and techniques’ to help you think differently.  You create and own the solution and your coach provides support and accountability, ensuring you have the confidence and inter-personal skills to deliver the changes you want.


What is emotional intelligence?


Emotional Intelligence (EI) is the ability to: Recognise, understand and manage our own emotions and then recognise, understand and influence the emotions of others.  It is a ‘teachable’ skill that has huge potential to transform business culture and improve a leader’s effectiveness.


What is the difference between a ‘life coach’, ‘executive coach’ and ‘business coach’?


In ‘life coaching’ the main focus of attention is on the client’s life as a whole.  ‘Business coaching’ is primarily concerned with improving performance at work and facilitating professional development whilst recognising that this requires a healthy work / life balance.

As coaching was initially confined to senior management in large organisations it became known as ‘executive coaching’, the more general term ‘business coaching’ recognises the importance of coaching for entrepreneurs, teams and emerging talent within small and medium-sized companies.


Do I only need coaching if I have a problem with my performance?


Coaching is about looking forward, growing skills and enhancing performance by providing people with the tools and opportunities that they need.  Many in leadership positions haven’t had any interpersonal skills training and coaching provides a safe space in which to learn and become confident.

Coaching is an effective way to develop new skills to fill a performance gap, or to enhance interpersonal skills in order to facilitate business growth.


Do you offer online or telephone coaching?


I offer online coaching when it’s difficult to meet face to face. Sometimes this is in addition to one-on-one meetings, other times it is the primary method of coaching.


What’s the difference between ‘Mentoring’ and ‘Coaching’


They have a lot in common and the difference can be subjective but here is my personal view of the things they share and their differences.

Mentors and Coaches both use their knowledge and experience to support and challenge you.

Mentors may work more on your technical skills were Coaches are focused your people skills

Mentors have knowledge of the industry you work in whereas Coaches work more broadly because they focus on interpersonal skills which are not sector related.




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