Strengthening leadership and relationship skills

You recognise that you need to make changes but are not clear how to make this happen.

You’ve tried training courses and self help books but nothing seems to work in ‘the real world’

Many entrepreneurs and managers have been successful through individual brilliance, but never trained to lead and get the best from their team.  Coaching examines different leadership styles to consider how results can be changed by adopting a different approach.

If in your role as manager you are working late every night you maybe too busy to lead effectively and your team is likely to lack direction and purpose.  The ability to change between ‘manager thinking’ and ‘leader thinking’ is not an automatic process. Individual coaching will support you to changing your mindset, and support you to ensure changes are sustainable.

Investing in realtionships and fostering a positive climate will not only reduce absenteeism and staff turnover, but will also deliver a higher level of customer service within your business.

As your coach, I ‘hold up the mirror’, to your unconscious behaviours to improve self-awareness and confidence. This enables you to be more focused, less stressed and so improves your work life balance.

Building pro-active communications….

Improving your work / life balance….

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“leadership is a choice, not a position”

Stephen Covey

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