The Signature Programme

Building your business…

From This:

  1. Working longer and harder in order to meet customer expectations and compete in the market place
  2. The staff seeming reluctant to take on additional responsibilities, always expecting the senior team to be available to solve their issues
  3. Your time for business strategy being overtaken by day-to-day issues
  4. Additional costs being incurred through lack of foresight / process
  5. Meetings having the effect of demotivating rather than energising the team

…To This:

  1. A clear, communicable vision for your business with a structured and accountable plan for how it will be delivered
  2. The leaders are more emotionally-aware and confident in communication
  3. There is more focus and less firefighting, with reduced costs through timely delivery and a lessening of errors
  4. Everyone feels that they have ‘time to think’, with a healthy balance between work and life
  5. A happier team, with a ‘can do’ attitude, focused on delivery and customer service

In 5 Steps…

Step 1:

We examine your current reality – what are the points of stress within your business? What causes pain and frustration?  How does it feel to work here?

Step 2:

We vision the outcomes that you want – what will your day be like, how will the team be interacting, what will change for your customers

Step 3:

We consider the blocks – what are your limiting assumptions, what is stopping you moving to being more productive, focused, satisfied, motivated, and energised?

Step 4:

We create the steps and actions to move you and your team forward – ensuring these are accountable, measured and supported.

Step 5:

We review and measure progress refining the plan, filling the skill gaps, having honest conversations to ensure changes are retained and progress is ongoing.

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“alone we are smart, together we are brilliant”

Steven Anderson

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