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Great teams don’t just happen, it takes an investment of time and effort to create trust and open communication.  Leading a small teams can feel especially challenging as differences in styles and values are highlighted and potentially more divisive.

Team coaching is normally undertaken in half day workshops.  The content is bespoke to your business needs with training and coaching tools used to deliver fresh thinking and greater communication.

In larger companies I work with the senior team, in smaller ones with the whole organisation.  Every team is different, but in my experience all great teams share these three common ingredients:

Emotional Intelligence

Team coaching will surface areas of underlying tensions within your business. This may sound uncomfortable, but only by confronting the unspoken reality can changes be made.

As a team coach I approach your ‘everyday’ with fresh eyes and ask open questions with genuine curiousness.  This allows you to move into the ‘here and now’ and look forwards rather than backwards.

Team coaching delivers higher levels of sharing, more honest conversations and improves the speed of decision making.

Pro-active communication

Whilst your business may have achieved early growth without focusing on communication, for long-term development this needs conscious consideration.

Internal competition may be preventing knowledge-sharing and support between people.  This frequently results in lost sales and a lowering of customer service.

In advance of a team coaching event, I will invest time to talk to everyone to understand the effectiveness of communication within your organisation.  This provides real data about the company and is the foundation for ensuring everyone buys into change.

Great Leaders

The more a business grows, the more important the skills of the leaders become.  Do they encourage, give praise and feedback; will they have difficult conversations; are they seen to be open, fair and honest?

Great leaders understand their impact and can establish the culture, tone and expectations within the business. They ensure everyone feels confident and relaxed in their role.

To maximise the value of a team coaching event I recommend it is followed by one-to-one coaching. This ensures ideas become actions and initial changes are embedded.

Team coaching isn’t about telling you ‘what to do’. It's about designing ways to enable you to think differently and ‘holding the space’ that allows new ideas to be openly explored without fear.  Team coaching ensures everyone's voice is heard and seen as equally valuable.  Follow up coaching, both one to one and as a team, supports the changes as they become the ‘new normal’.  Trusting teams have an infectious energy and passion that makes them attractive to customers, and ensures the longer term success of a business. 

"I liked Helen’s style, she is very professional and challenges you in a way that you know deep down is necessary"
"Great workshop, empathetic and personalised, people were engaged from the outset. The group were not intimidated, but gently introduced and quickly opened up to the process."
"Excellent quality delivered with empathy and authority that maintained engagement all the way through."

A Team Coaching case study…

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“each bird creates an uplift for the one following and by flying in a ‘V’ formation the flock can fly 71% further than if each bird flew alone”

Dr Robert McNeish – Lessons from Geese

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