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Take a look below and see how I’ve helped some of my happiest clients.

Helen was professional, insightful and coached in an extremely empathetic and understanding way. She was not afraid to sensitively invite topics into the conversation that were not easy, but which were relevant and necessary to bring up. She enabled the coaching to be enjoyable while also being very results-orientated, which was no mean feat!

I was highly impressed with how focused Helen’s coaching was and how it dealt with specific problems using ‘tools’ that get to the heart of things. The main result from the coaching was getting my ‘fears’ into proportion and through the sessions with Helen I was able to think through (logically) what mattered. Since the coaching I have been able to approach things with a much more measured and relaxed attitude.

The coaching presented a great opportunity for me to put into words things that were mainly in my head and to really get to the bottom of where they were coming from. Helen used 360 feedback to involve friends and colleagues in sharing what they felt I was best at, and the collected feedback revealed common thoughts that were enlightening and encouraging. All of this has been invaluable, helping me believe in my skills and what I’m good at, reduce my fear of taking my work into new territory and to start to enjoy the process of taking on bigger/more challenging projects.

I would recommend coaching as an extremely practical, hands-on and results-orientated way to deal with issues that are often built on beliefs and not facts. The coaching helps examine where particular concerns stem from and provide exercises/visualisations/discussions that truly do help to diminish the unfounded barriers to moving forward that we all build. Profound benefits can be gained in a relatively short space of time.

I feel coaching is often seen as a luxury, or self-indulgence, an ‘add on’ to other personal development activities. I think this is a shame, because coaching is possibly the most effective way to develop your career or just improve your day-to-day experience of work. It helps you understand what you like, what’s stopping you doing more of it, and to see the ‘full picture’ of your work as part of your life. It can benefit not only the day-to-day work we do, but also the hours we spend when we shut the office door!

Angela Burton

I engaged Helen as my coach because I wanted some career guidance to identify more clearly what kind of job was right for me and as a result of the coaching now feel focused and confident with the choices I’m making, not just in relation to my job but in other aspects of my life such as at home and in my relationship.

During the coaching sessions it was really useful to be able to discuss problems with someone who was completely impartial and objective in their responses. I didn’t feel that I was seeking advice or support from the sessions but more that the discussions enabled me to reflect on my own behaviours and choices and think how I could approach things differently to achieve a better outcome. I felt in control throughout the sessions, but the guidance was beneficial in order to look at things from different angles and perspectives. Helen was a fantastic coach and I would definitely recommend her to friends and colleagues. Her approach really suited the way I communicate with others – relaxed yet focused, friendly yet remaining professional and above all really easy to communicate with.

Rebecca Taylor

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