At its simplest ‘work / life balance’ is how we decide to divide our time between, work, family and leisure.  However, it’s not just the quantity of time that matters, the key to achieving a happy work / life balance lies in the ‘quality’ of the time we spend both in and outside work.

If you are able to focus at work and switch off at home, congratulations you’re doing well.

Technology is an enabler in more flexible working but it can also come to control and stress us.  Whilst not always bad, we can thrive under stress, it is important to find the right balance.  Chronic stress occurs when we don’t return to our point of balance, causing underperformance and accounting for 45% of all days lost to illness*.

Stress is like ‘The Parable of the Frog’ in which the story goes that if you plunge a frog into boiling water, it will immediately jump out. But if you place the frog in cool water and slowly heat it to boiling, the frog doesn’t jump out but stays in the water and eventually dies.


  • HSE Labour Force Survey undertaken in conjunction with the GP Network shows in 2015/16, 11.7 million days lost due to stress-related illness.  This is 37% of all work-related illness and 45% of all days lost.

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“the future depends on what we do in the present”

Mahatma Gandhi

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